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Thank you for visiting my website, it is dedicated to the amusement and theme park industry. I’m a professional truck driver by trade and I choose a new park to visit every year and I shoot video of most of the roller coasters and other flat rides like carousels, observation towers, and other thrill rides. I also take photos of those rides as well and yes I do ride them as well, sometimes I ride them multiple times. There are a few rules to follow, all spam will be deleted as will all vulgar language. I reserve the right to delete any post so please don’t type in all caps or bully other posters. You can view the many pages I have by clicking on the park names above or by clicking the menu button to see the review, photos, and videos.

2 thoughts on “Welcome

    • This is the only one I have and I do try and keep it updated. I know some of the podcasts I listed have since stopped putting out new episodes so I might just go ahead and remove the links because they are for the Apple podcasts app and not everyone has a Apple iPhone.


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